No, we don't harm helpless little animals. Unless you count the occasional stray power chord that knocks Canadian Geese out of the sky. Hey. It's not like they submit a flight pattern or anything. "Test Animals" is just our little pet name for all those folks that make Blackheart what it is. Sometimes it's an artist, sometimes it's special people on the BHE staff that lend their time for hours of extensive late night "rockability" tests, sometimes it's even you.

Got a story, picture, sound clip or video of you and your Blackheart in action? Send it to our main Animal at (except videos--just give us the link) and we'll put the good stuff online. Such as...

My friend just dropped by my studio with his shiny new Blackheart BH5 Little Giant and we decided to put it through its paces to see how well it records. We both had to agree:
That amp kicks major butt!

- Fred and Eric

Name: Dino Caravaggio

These are incredible amps! Thank you for all your hard work developing this amazing amplifier and giving me the sound I was looking for at a fraction of the cost of what I was about to spend!
Name: Aaron Lyon

Aaron's from Chico, CA and plays a little Giant 5 head and BH-112 though he dreams of the day he can get his hands on a Killer Ant. I'm pretty sure he meant one of our Killer Ants.