BH412ST (Rear), BH412SL (Front)

Loaded with 4x12" specially designed Blackheart by Eminence BH1216B speakers and specifically voiced for closed back cabinets, the Blackheart Eng BH412 straight and slant cabs feature that rugged, "we're in this for the long haul" build quality that makes every BHE piece of gear a lifelong commitment to sounding your best, being your best and pissing off your neighbors. Rather than worry about how cheap we can make something (which to us, is like trying to see how ugly of a date you can get), we send these out your way with metal handles that'll hold their own for years and heavy-duty, metal casters that'll roll while you rock longer than most marriages last these days. These are sexy little boxes that feature meticulous tolex work wrapped around 15 ply (18mm) void-free wood cabs, classically joined and glued.

Download the Owner's Manual in PDF format here.


  • » 4 x 12" slant (412SL) and straight (412ST) cabinets
  • » 4 Blackheart by Eminence Speakers (Model BH1216B), British-voiced and specially designed for closed back cabinets
  • » 300 Watts power handling
  • » Cabinet made of 15 ply, 18mm void-free plywood
  • » Parallel ¼" input jacks to daisy chain multiple speaker cabinets from one source
  • » 16 ohms input impedance
  • » Metal handles
  • » Heavy duty removable casters included