Top: BH5H (Head)
Bottom: BH112 (Cabinet)

This diminutive half stack delivers the goods like nothing else. Made up of the BH5H 5-watt head and the BH112 1x12" cabinet (which are also available separately), this is a half stack worth more than double its size.

Starting off with the head, the Blackheart Little Giant BH5H is a 5W, Single-Ended, Class A amp powered by an EL84 and voiced through a 12AX7 preamp tube. It's a truly classic boutique amplifier design delivered in a robust, stylish package. With a switchable pentode/triode selector and 3-band EQ controls you get the only amp in its class to deliver true tonal range, from instantaneous punch to deliciously greasy overdrive, and with precise control over output volume. Every feature of the Blackheart BH5H represents zealous dedication to true quality in tone, looks and ruggedness. Under its sexy exterior you'll find a 16 gauge steel chassis, with 1/2" corner radiuses and meticulous tolex work insuring years of reliable performance.

Set the head on top of the Blackheart BH112 cabinet. Built around a 12" Blackheart by Eminence Speaker, it's made of 15 ply (18mm), classically joined, void free plywood and is the perfect mate for the BH5H head. From its incredibly well crafted construction to its clean tolex work, the BH112 is a portable, powerful and boutique quality cabinet. The closed back tuned design and (red framed) Blackheart model 1216B Speaker by Eminence is the fruit of extensive research involving Blackheart and Eminence. The result is a very tight and responsive cabinet. In fact, all of the BH112's cabinet joinery is based on classic, proven design for tone and roadworthiness.

View the BH5H Specifications or download the Owner's Manual in PDF format here.

View the BH112 Specifications or download the Owner's Manual in PDF format here.