Do you feel a tightness in your chest? Are you having trouble breathing?

You should call 911, we're audio professionals, not medical ones.

Nothing's built tougher and more reliable than your Blackheart. But sometimes things happen. Sometimes, unspeakable things, and when they do, we're here for ya. Here in the Heart Surgery ward of BHE, we've got dedicated folks that want to make your blue heart black again and get you back where you belong...rockin' out.

So here's our contact info and service information. Click where you need to and we'll jump to it.

Broken Heart Support:
(not to be confused with the Lonely Hearts Club Support — you're on your own there.) Oh! And you can register your product if you want, just to make you feel nice.

Product Warranty Information

LOUD Technologies Phone: 1-866-858-5832
Technical Support, Service and Parts departments are available Monday-Friday, 10am-Noon & 1pm-3pm Pacific Time

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